What is The Attic?

(Please note: The Attic was created on Enthusiacs.com where I have contributed since the site was formed. I wanted to share my Attic posts here as well. Thank you for reading!!)


Welcome to The Attic; the Enthusiacs dark corner where I’ll be discussing anything and everything horror, from haunted locations to horror movie news. I am the Dark Princess, aka Mrs. V.

I have been an avid horror fan as long as I can remember. I was introduced by my dad to movies like Psycho and House on Haunted Hill before I could ride my Little Mermaid bike without training wheels. I remember sneaking peeks at my dad’s old book on ghost stories from across the world. Fascinated and creeped out all at once. But it was that fascination that kept me going. It kept me reading.

At around the age of 10, I was complaining there were no good horror movies to watch. I wanted something scary. Really scary. It was a Saturday morning, I was standing in Movies R Us with my family and it hit me like a bolt of lighting. That ominous cover I had seen countless times in my parents VHS case. It sat neatly between what was most likely Godzilla and Target Earth. I never dared watch it before. I had snuck a peek at the back cover once or twice and that twisted face in the picture always had me slamming it back into the case.

But this day was different. The thought of pulling out that case, seeing the man standing under that streetlight and staring up at that glowing window had me… High. The thought of taking that on was exhilarating. And so, in that movie store I asked my dad if I could try it.

The Exorcist.

Seeing the familiar gleam in my eyes he relented, and said I could. I was thrilled. I was going to go home and watch that one movie that had evaded my eyes. It was my White Whale, and I was going to take it on once and for all.

I made it through about 40 minutes before I ran out of the room… Give me a break, I was 10! But since that day I truly understood what it was to be scared by a movie. And I have been chasing that thrill ever since.

And so, I ask you to stick around with me as I update you on horror news, discuss the classics, drool over collectibles (some from my own self-titled Nerd Shelf), and have many Enthusigasms over all things scary. I don’t claim to be an expert, or take myself very seriously, so I hope above all else you have fun reading these little articles/ramblings. I’ll be focusing mainly on the horror genre, but don’t be surprised if you hear an occasional story about my visits to Jerome’s Grand Hotel in Arizona, Tombstone’s Bird Cage Theatre, or the Queen Mary.

Stay scared,
Dark Princess