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Honeymoon: Day 4 – Macaron Heaven

Read day 3 here! It wasn't until today that we finally ate at the restaurant in the hotel. It's a proper restaurant where your drinks are served, and you can order anything special you want, but we headed for the giant buffet to fill up immediately. This was seriously one of the best breakfasts I… Continue reading Honeymoon: Day 4 – Macaron Heaven

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Honeymoon: Day 2 – Under Construction

<-- Read Day 1 here! I started the day by creeping downstairs and making some coffee. After sipping that and doing my makeup, we decided to explore. The Manoir Saint-Sauveur is right in town, so we chose to walk to Rue Principale (the main street) and visit some of the shops on the way. There is… Continue reading Honeymoon: Day 2 – Under Construction

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Honeymoon: Day 1 – Hit the Road, Jack!

This is it: The Honeymoon! They are certainly a very personal experience, but I wanted to share the not-so-private parts of our trip (insert teehee here). Not only is Saint-Sauveur, Quebec a beautiful location, but I also wanted to share this trip because I will love looking back on it for years to come. It's like… Continue reading Honeymoon: Day 1 – Hit the Road, Jack!