What am I all about?

I’m all over the place. I’m a girly girl that will buy anything and everything in pink.

I love horror movies, haunted places, and anything else creepy. I was raised with a father that loved horror and ghost stories, so at a very young age I was started on movies like Psycho and House on Haunted Hill (the ORIGINAL, thank you very much. Vincent Price FTW).

I love rainy days, and have a strong aversion to the sun (I think I’m 1/8 vampire).

I’ve been a gamer all my life, and that love grows stronger all the time. I’m a nerd, let’s just get that out there.

I’m an American who recently immigrated to Canada where my fiance grew up – we’re both trying to figure out this wedding planning process…

I have an addiction for TV shows, but especially for reality shows. Real Housewives = life. My goal in life is to be one. Real Housewife of Ontario… that’ll be a thing one day. But for now, I gotta work or we’ll never afford this wedding, HA!

There is so much more to me than the above, but it’s a start…

xoxo, Dark Princess


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