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Planner Accessories Mini Haul!

Today, my Erin Condren order changed from “Printing” to “In Process” and I am beyond excited! Ever since I placed an order for my very first EC life planner EVER, I have been incredibly antsy to buy all the things to go along with it. Recently I went shopping and grabbed a few things, so here’s my mini haul 🙂 Enjoy!

Thanks to some fantastic recommendations, I found the types of pens I have been waiting for! The Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens!

This set was about $25 CAD at the local Staples, and for the assortment of colors I found that to be completely reasonable. They write like a dream, and didn’t bleed or shadow when I tested on my Recollections coiled planner. Shh, don’t tell Erin Condren  I bought that cheap knockoff that got Michaels sued… Hey, at least I’m buying the real thing now.

Next up was a small pack of stickers that will be perfect for some of the more day-to-day mundane tasks, such as payday, meal planning, errands, laundry/trash day, etc.


Lastly I got a Mambi sticker book, and it had many of the types of stickers I wanted to have in advance of getting my planner in the mail. These cover everything from date nights, meal planning, general to-do checklists, adorable food stickers, hydration and fitness, and treats such as mani/pedi days. There are many more in here as well, and these are just a small taste! While Mambi makes many themed books such as health and fitness or inspiration, I wanted to start with a more general one. I’m in love with these books!

I’ll let you all know as soon as I get my Erin Condren so I can show which one I chose, along with the (too many) goodies I ordered to go with it. (*Cough* 3 additional covers *cough*)

Dark Princess  ♥


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