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Honeymoon: Day 4 – Macaron Heaven

Read day 3 here!

It wasn’t until today that we finally ate at the restaurant in the hotel. It’s a proper restaurant where your drinks are served, and you can order anything special you want, but we headed for the giant buffet to fill up immediately. This was seriously one of the best breakfasts I have ever had in my life. The bacon was heaven!

Please note: this photo is not mine! It is from the Manoir’s website 🙂 But it looked just as amazing in person!

After eating far too much we waddled back to Rue Principale to explore the other shops that we hadn’t gotten to yet. For such a small town, there is still plenty of shopping to be done!

My favorite store in town by far was Ben & Tournesol Weekend. If you’re engaged, newly married, or pregnant (I’M NOT! lol) then it’s easy to feel the nesting vibes. I want to make our house a home more than ever. This store had so many cute housewares, natural lotions, soaps, an array of Kate Spade items, and beautiful dishes. It’s female heaven. My husband (that still feels surreal to say!) was a trooper as I oohed and ahhed at the pretty things for the house.

Suddenly my eyes darted to the cutest thing I have ever seen: A macaron trinket box! I about died, especially when I found a pink one. The funny thing is, this struck me as a “I need now” sort of thing, but I’ve actually never even had a macaron. It’s crazy, I know. But they’re adorable!

Another store worth noting was La Folia. While the clothes weren’t my style, there was some beautiful jewelry that I was tempted to buy. They also boast fair trade, so taxes are included in the listed price, as well as exclusive and exotic items.

We then decided to check out another local town, Saint Adele. To be honest, we didn’t really find any good shops, so it was a bit of a bust. The weather also decided to get really sunny and hot so this vampire girl just wanted to get back into the car. Luckily, before we left town we spotted the one place I was hoping to find: Chocolaterie Marie-Claude.

Excuse the horrible photo! I don’t claim to be a pro at this

The sweet treats all screamed out “buy me! buy me!” but you can imagine my eyes bugging out as I spotted a box of MACARONS! I almost fell over. After wishing I could eat some after buying my adorable trinket box, there they were. We also got this… well, I don’t know what it’s called but it was a square of this ooey gooey stuff, sorta like brownies. But they were made with maple syrup and brown sugar… and it was breathtakingly yummy.

They were almost too cute to eat. Except I ate them. They were life changing.

But the star of the show was still my beautiful macarons, and popping that cherry was a wonderful experience. They are SO GOOD! Now I understand why so many girls are obsessed with them!

By the time we got back to the hotel we were both exhausted from my macaron freak-out so we spent the rest of the day watching hockey playoffs games and eating pizza. Yes, we’re boring old people even on our Honeymoon 😛

Dark Princess ♥

One last thing…

This is how you do Canada! One game on the iPad, one on TV #winning

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