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Honeymoon: Day 3 – Family History

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This was the most gloomy, rainy day of our whole Honeymoon, but it felt fitting somehow. This was the day that we decided to drive around and see the places that he had always told me about. The first stop was a visit an old cemetery. It is tiny, so only a small number of people are buried here, but it holds some serious history. Some of his ancestors buried here are from the 1800s.

The next stop was the most near and dear to him. My husband’s family used to rent cottages around Lake Hughes, Quebec every summer for many years. In fact, a bed and breakfast nearby was his family’s farm at one point in time. It was very interesting getting to drive by all of these places. I even saw the cottage he lived in as a baby!! It was a very nice bonding experience as he pointed out all the places he had been and people he knew that had lived everywhere around the lake.

Next we headed into Lachute, which I have mentioned before. We were dying to go back to O’Frites for some hot dogs and fries! But more than that, we wanted to stop by his Grandmother’s grave. It was certainly a more somber stop, but it was nice getting to go while we were there.

Dinner was back in Saint-Sauveur, and back at Moe’s! It was a Mexican sort of day, as he got fajitas and I got nachos. We both drank a Rickard’s Red because he used to drink them all the time when he was younger. I gotta say, for a somewhat darker beer, they’re good! Moe’s has a lovely, relaxed atmosphere with amazing food and your average bar and grill prices. Honestly for the quality of the food, they’re underpriced!

Our last stop of the night was the LVP Whiskey Bar. That’s right. You heard me… A. WHISKEY. BAR!! It was heaven. We almost had the place to ourselves; there was just one other couple there. The bartender was very friendly and helpful as she helped us choose among the many options. We chose a couple of Canadian options, because when in Rome… Excuse the bad photos, the lighting was awful but it was nice for the mood 🙂

After sipping on a few of these we basically stumbled back to our hotel and passed out! What a day!

Dark Princess


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