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Honeymoon: Day 2 – Under Construction

<– Read Day 1 here!

I started the day by creeping downstairs and making some coffee. After sipping that and doing my makeup, we decided to explore. The Manoir Saint-Sauveur is right in town, so we chose to walk to Rue Principale (the main street) and visit some of the shops on the way. There is a bright and cheerful little shopping center between the Manoir and Rue Principale. I just had to take some photos of these buildings.

It was such a trip seeing everything in French! I felt like I was in a completely different country. I loved this sign that we came across!

We had to make a pit-stop in the grocery store, and even though it’s a larger chain, it still felt incredibly foreign as well. There was a stunning display of giant cheese wheels, a huge bakery section, and even an olive bar. I could live in this store!

My husband got a kick out of this beer when he saw it, and let me explain why. Apparently it is a joke about something that happened to a former Prime Minister of Canada. Some nutjob got past security and went for the PM, but instead of cowering in response, he grabbed the jerk by his throat. And thus it was deemed the Shawinigan Handshake.

Don’t mess with me, eh?

Once we got to Rue Principale, we learned that since we were there in the “off season” there was some major construction work going on. We’re talking rumbling trucks, hardhats, the whole nine. Some stores were still open, and I found the cutest metal sign! It’s absolutely perfect as a Honeymoon souvenir. It’s even double-sided for the French-impaired (like me)!

Apparently it was a sign day because I ended up buying two of these amazing, wood, faux vintage signs as well for the kitchen; Heinz pickles, and the Chase & Sanborn’s coffee. Why? Because pickles are heaven and coffee = life.


As I’ve gotten older I’ve loved buying stuff for the home more and more. Less shotglasses, more decor. But this may be due to the fact that I drink tequila out of the bottle. Don’t judge me.

I swear I’m not obsessed with signs, but while we’re on the topic… this street has the cutest little signs outside of their stores!

For lunch we went to this restaurant called Moe’s, where I naturally had to order poutine. It was by far one of the best restaurants in town, and I highly recommend it. To be honest, the rest of the day was a super lazy afternoon/evening in the hotel where we got take out chinese, drank beer, and watched hockey playoffs! But it was nice and relaxing 🙂

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