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Dyyyying for this Saturday

I almost forgot to post how much I am dying for the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. I also really want the Apple Pencil, but financially that needs to wait a couple weeks. I currently  have the first gen iPad Mini, and while it’s been great to me, it doesn’t work all that well anymore and apps like Fallout Shelter deem it outdated. I am really looking forward to the multitasking split-screen ability, as I use that often on my Windows 8.1 laptop. It’ll be great for when we record podcasts for as I love to have IMDB or gaming reviews, and notes open at the same time in front of me.


That Rose Gold though! Can we just drool over how gorgeous this color is?? I am so happy that it’s an option for the iPad Pro. So girly and so cute! I also found a matching case for it on Amazon, which I will be showing off. I am getting the iPad this Saturday and the case is coming in the mail tomorrow, thankfully!



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