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Wedding planning & choosing the right planner binder

Hello again!

Once again I sorta dropped the ball and slacked off posting here. I’ve just been so busy! Well, my mind has been anyway. I haven’t really mentioned this much, but I’m actually engaged. Now planning has been on the back burner the past year because we’ve had to deal with a lot of drama and financial speed bumps. Life has not made this period on us easy. After we got engaged I was thrilled to death. I was planning obsessively, and deciding all the little details I wanted. I knew the theme and the colors and how I wanted to look. So much of the inspiration side came easily.

But unfortunately, not long after that, we had to deal with setback after setback. Jobs not working out, an expensive move, so many disappointments that led to me both feeling depressed and disheartened. This doesn’t really lend itself to a happy engagement time, so we decided to take a nice long break from planning, and focus on US getting our lives back on a stable path. Well I am happy to say that we finally feel like we have our feet on the  ground again, and it’s amazing! Last weekend we went to a bridal show (my first) and we had so much fun. I’m indeed very lucky that my fiance was happy to go with me… we didn’t see many other men there lol. But he’s a trooper and he loved seeing me so excited.

So this really sparked my excitement to finish planning the wedding and get this going again. We have the venue booked, which is a lovely hotel. They have an atrium where we can have the ceremony, which is indoors with a glass ceiling, so you get the gorgeous outdoor look without the worry about the Canadian spring weather, lol. They also have various rooms for the reception, so we booked one that will work for our guest count. And since they have a restaurant, they will also serve an awesome selection of food that we heard is very yummy. They will serve appetizers, and they also have a bartender so we can thankfully do the open bar thing for our guests. They set up and clean up and will cut the cake for us.

The last place we considered didn’t offer anything. It was a room and we’d even have to rent the tables. It was exhausting just thinking of all the work we’d have to do and all the poor family members that would have to help. This venue is everything I wanted and it’s way more affordable than we thought it would be! So while we have the venue, food and drinks all set, we still need to work on the rest.

I need to buy favors. I need to buy a guestbook and pen set. I need to buy candles to put out on the tables. I need to buy the faux red rose petals. I need to buy the table number items. I need to buy the card box (for any guests that may bring cards, of course). We need to finalize details with the photographer and the DJ. We need to create a timeline. I need to figure out who’s in my bridal party. We need to pick out a bakery and go tasting. We need to book a florist. I need to buy my shoes and veil…. and wasn’t there… one more thing… Oh, yeah, I need my dress! I had one bought way back when, but it’s just not right. I had that bridal moment and cried without putting enough thought into a couple aspects that I now realize will greatly bother me. But David’s Bridal is going to save my ass here! They have been amazing! But more on that soon!

So with allllll of that being said, hehe, I need a wedding planner. But not the person, we certainly couldn’t afford that, but a planner planner. I recently posted about buying a Kikki K (which I LOVE, just haven’t decorated it at all yet), but there’s no real good wedding planning inserts I have found. So I have gone back and forth between the Me & My Big Ideas (or MAMBI) Happy Planner Wedding Extension Kit or the Erin Condren wedding planner. While I LOVE the EC brand, I felt like it’s a little limiting especially for a wedding planner where my mind will be all over the place. I need to be able to just move pages around, and stick note sheets here and there without buying expensive clips. Also, the EC wedding planner has less actual wedding pages than the Happy Planner Wedding Extension kit does, and it’s not separated by tabs. The EC only has one single tab for the whole section. I love that HP’s breaks it into things like “Vendors” and “Budget” and “Checklists” etc. Plus, the Happy Planner brand is more cute and fun. So with that all said, I’m going to head to my local Michaels soon. If they don’t have everything I need I’ll place the order online. I’ll keep you all updated on how it is once I get it.

If you stuck with me for this whole post, bless you!


Dark Princess



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