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Sally Hansen – Salon Effects in “Laced Up” – LOVE

Hey guys!

Not too long ago I celebrated my birthday, and my future sister in law got me a few little things she knew I’d love. One one of these items was the Sally Hansen Salon Effects kit in “Laced Up” and while I was a bit hesitant on how well they’d stay on, I have been pleasantly surprised!



As you can see from my photo above, they applied nice and even very easily with minimal effort. I’ll admit I skipped the step where they tell you to give one  last swipe of nail polish remover right before applying to remove any excess oil that may be remaining on your nails. This may or may not cause them to fall off sooner than expected, but so far they feel as “on” as regular nail polish would be on day 2.

They come in a variety of super cute styles and designs, but I just love this black lace look! Not only does it appeal to me any day of the year because I love gothic and cute things,  but since it’s early September I’m really gearing up for Halloween season. Doesn’t this just scream Morticia Addams?!


Dark Princess

THE ADDAMS FAMILY – Carolyn Jones Gallery – Shoot Date: September 1, 1965. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images) CAROLYN JONES

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