The Walking Dead – Catching Up

Hey guys!

Years ago I bought season one of The Walking Dead on DVD, and as a horror fan I loved the zombie storyline. But TWD is so much more than just some horror TV show. It is about love, loss, family, friends, and surviving hardships. I think a big reason that it is so successful and why so many people are obsessed with it is because it speaks to everyone on some level. It’s about the most basic life lessons and experiences we go through in life, set against a highly intense zombie apocalypse. And who doesn’t love zombies?


Anyway, after finishing season 1 I got more and more behind, but recently me and my fiance have decided to get back into it. We are powering along and nearing the end of season three. Let me tell you we won’t slow down any time soon. We are both hooked, and big time. I really hope we catch up completely by the time the new season starts airing. I know you poor souls are in the midst of a serious cliffhanger, and while I’ve heard rumors that someone is dead, I do know that who it is won’t be revealed until the show comes back. I’d like to learn that with everyone else because avoiding spoilers for The Walking Dead is like avoiding the political war that is being waged on social media right now; it’s impossible.

All I know is that if we lose Darryl or Glen I’m going to throw a massive hissy fit, and no one wants that. Trust me!


Dark Princess


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