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Planning Obsession

Hey guys!

One thing I have always been obsessed with is planning and organization. Have I always practiced it? No. But I love the idea of getting super organized in my home, and finding/creating that perfect planner. Ever since I was a little girl and I saw my mom buy her first Franklin Covey planner binder I have wanted one myself. Having tried a few others, I was about to make my first Franklin purchase recently, but a few google searches and YouTube videos led me to an amazing blogger/vlogger named Alexis Aka Miss Trenchcoat. I first found her article about how to personalize your planner, and I was hooked.

Alexis Aka Miss Trenchcoat has amazing ideas!!

You can find her on Youtube here, and she also has her own blog site/store Strange & Charmed. I love her style, personality, and creative mind. After finding her planner set-up videos I searched for more, and found others like Belinda, Mrs. Mom Next Door, and Alexa. These girls are all great and I love seeing how they give their planners their own style. I’m so excited that planners are becoming more and more like scrapbooks for women, and I can’t wait to start my own.

The beautiful Kikki K that is currently in transit to my home ❤ I’m obsessed with it!!

After many, many, many videos, as well as Alexis’ “Inside My Planner Collection” video, I finally made up my mind and ordered the GORGEOUS Kikki K Pink Lavender planner in medium, which is comparable in size to Franklin Covey’s  Compact size, and Day Timer’s Portable size. To give you a better idea of how they compare, check out this great article I found! They do a great job of breaking it all down.

I will definitely let you all know how it’s coming along once I get mine set up!


Dark Princess


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