Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder – The BEST drugstore powder I’ve ever used

Hey all,

I’ve recently had to switch up my makeup staples due to some old regulars being discontinued and the fact that my move to Canada has prompted me to adjust to some regional differences. Now finding new products to love isn’t a horrible task if you’re like me and you enjoy the hunt, but money has been tight and I wasn’t really excited to spend valuable dollars on products I wasn’t confident would even suit me.


But I had to, and so I jumped into a few foundation and setting powder routine. Let me just tell you I am SO excited I had to, because the first powder I found is absolutely fantastic. Maybelline Dream Wonder powder is my new favorite!! It is highly pigmented which means you can really build up your coverage on those days you may need a bit more. For these times (and touch-ups on the go) I use the provided sponge that is tucked away under the powder section (which you lift up), and it also has a mirror under there! I’ve had some powder compacts without mirrors and it just boggles my mind why any company does that.

This powder feels like butter on your skin, it is so silky smooth that you’ll look forward to touch-ups. But it’s worth noting that you won’t need to that often! The staying power with this product is as good as I’ve ever experienced. I buy the porcelain ivory because I am about as pale as it comes!  I actually wish it was a bit lighter, but being as fair as I am I always have this problem with drugstore brands. I make this work and it’s the closest to my skin tone as I’ve ever found, so props to them on making a better ivory than most!


When I want just a bit of setting powder for my new liquid foundation (more on that in my next makeup post!) I use the e.l.f. complexion brush. I have had this brush for YEARS and it still feels amazing on  my skin. It grabs the right amount of various brands of powders and for $4 USD you really can’t complain. e.l.f. is one of the best brush brands I have ever used. Thanks for reading!


Dark Princess




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