I’ve been lost in space

Hello again!

I can’t believe it has been so long since I posted on my blog here. I spent about 50 hours lost in space in No Man’s Sky on PS4, but overall I’d say the game was pretty disappointing, unfortunately. Yes I sunk a lot of hours into it, and I had some amazing and breathtaking moments that I just adored, but the fears of repetitive gameplay were proven true. It gets old. The lack of being able to backtrack to your favorite planets makes me want to stay on this one planet and forget getting to the center or continuing on with the Atlas path. I found my paradise, and while I absolutely love it, I almost see this as a negative now. I have never seen a screenshot by anyone else that rivaled the planet I have found, in my opinion of course. And so, I am burned out and also stuck. Too many other planets are so repetitive and hideous to look at that when you find your heaven, you stay. After that, I have been playing a TON of Minecraft and have also replayed Layers of Fear, which I have a review going up Monday, September 12th on Enthusiacs so keep an eye out!


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