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Lachute, Quebec – Endroit Magnifique

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Lachute, Quebec with my fiance. His Grandmother sadly passed away a few months ago, and his family decided to have a memorial service and burial of her ashes in her hometown when everyone could make the trip out. And so, we took to the car and headed there from our current home in Ontario. It was a beautiful drive full of lush green countryside. Lachute itself isn’t too large, but it still holds a lot of fun little spots, and historical locations. The service was beautiful, and brought tears to everyone’s eyes. But despite the sad occasion we all did our best to make it a happy family trip as well.

As a newer Canadian myself, I have recently learned the joys of poutine, and since I was in Quebec where it originated, I had to make a stop. My fiance’s uncle told me that we absolutely had to stop by O’Frites, which has been a Lachute staple for decades. We walked up to this small green window just off the sidewalk along Rue Principale, and ordered a poutine and an all dressed hot dog for my fiance.. He doesn’t like gravy so he hates the thought of poutine… he’s a bad Canadian, haha!

Well, needless to say it was fantastic! The gravy was smooth and warm, the fries were almost a bit sweet, and the cheese curds squeaked perfectly in-between my teeth. I hear that’s how it’s supposed to be, but regardless it tasted like heaven. He said the hot dog was amazing too, so if you happen upon Lachute, definitely make a stop at O’Frites. You won’t regret it!

The majority of our visit to the area was spent at a lakeside cottage near Lachute that my fiance’s sisters rented for the weekend. It was a stunning property and the cottage was a modern take on a classic log cabin. It was large enough to comfortably hold the many aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, grandchildren, and significant others that made the journey to help celebrate the life of a very loved woman. Yet somehow it kept its cozy, warm feeling that we all needed.

Despite being in early July, the weekend was cool and rainy, but we made the best of it. One of my fiance’s uncle played his acoustic guitar while the family sang along to classics like American Pie, Give a Little Bit, and Like a Rolling Stone.

The weekend ended far too soon, but I had a great time and enjoyed meeting more of the family that I’m marrying into. And you know what? I got it pretty good.


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